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Client Satisfaction (CSAT) Surveys

3 Sep 2014

Measuring your clients' level of satisfaction with the quality of your service can be tough. While it is easy to simply email your customers and ask how satisfied they are, it can be hard to actually track this and do so consistently over time so that you have actionable results.

That's why we have launched SmileBack, our new Client Satisfaction (CSAT) Survey platform, which we have developed to help you measure client satisfaction via your service tickets in ConnectWise.

About SmileBack

As we stated above, the idea behind this new feature is that it enables you to add a satisfaction measurement tool right to the closed ticket notifications sent from your ConnectWise. In order to facilitate this we have made it incredibly easy for your clients to respond:

  • We ask only one question and the choices displayed are rendered graphically in the form of easy to recognized faces, thus ensuring that clients can quickly and easily select their level of overall satisfaction.
  • Clients' level of satisfaction is recorded immediately after they click the corresponding face. No other action is required and no lengthy survey is presented (that could be possibly abandoned leaving no recorded results). This increases the response rate from clients.
  • Clients have an opportunity provide an additional, optional comment that explains their response.
  • The results collected are immediately available in SmileBack, in the same layout you already know from your marketing campaign screens:Metrics & Datatable


Integrate SmileBack with your help desk or support ticketing system today.

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