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HTG Sponsorship Announcement

13 May 2015


We're excited to let you know that will be a HTG Silver Sponsor for the second half of 2015! Before selling his MSP in Seattle, X-BAR, Brad was an active member of HTG 14 for many years. During this time, he did a number of presentations on Project Management.

Now, with a growing list of HTG members using SmileBack's Client Satisfaction Measurement (CSAT) tool, we felt an HTG Silver Sponsorship was a natural fit.

Since before the launch of our CSAT Tool, we've been diligently researching the importance of measuring Client Satisfaction and the benefit is has for service-based companies. We're currently building a killer presentation that includes an array of tips and best practices to make sure your business is achieving extraordinary customer service and renewing client contracts!

If you're attending the HTG user group in Minneapolis in August, we'd love to share our presentation with you!

Thanks for the continued support!

*Our HTG Hub page is not yet available, but we are excited to share it with you as soon as it is.

Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding HTG or if you you have any questions or feedback at