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Dropbox Integration

13 Aug 2015

We’re excited to announce our latest integration with Dropbox! SmileBack automatically syncs your client satisfaction (CSAT) data to your Dropbox account as a CSV file. Now, you can run your own reports using the data collected by SmileBack.

This allows you to use your CSAT data in lots of different ways, plus it’s the first of many upcoming integrations SmileBack is offering to improve reporting and dashboard options for ConnectWise.

How it works:

1) Go to Integrations in Account Management within SmileBack

2) Authorize SmileBack to export data to your Dropbox account.

3) Find your CSAT dataset in a CSV file that automatically syncs every X hours to your Dropbox account.

4) Use the data in the CSV file for whatever you need.

5) Share your use case with us! :)

Dropbox Integration
*IMPORTANT: We just released this integration and are still working out the kinks. We’d appreciate you letting us know how it goes when you set it up!