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3 Ways We've Improved the CSAT Homepage

28 Oct 2015

This week, we introduced some cool new UX and functionality to the CSAT homepage. It's the first round of some bigger improvements we're working on.

Check out what we've done so far.

Color-coded key metrics

Your key metrics correspond directly to the amount of reactions you’ve gotten in each category (positive, neutral, and negative). So that you can immediately tell which metric is for which reaction, we’ve color-coded them green, yellow, and red.


Reactions table

The reactions table is now far more streamlined and easy to read. Plus, it’s responsive to your screen size.

Part of the reason it looks more clean is because the comment associated with a specific reaction is now displayed in it’s own quote line underneath that reaction.


Reaction info popup

When you view the reaction table on mobile or a smaller screen, you’ll notice that some of the categories are removed to keep the table readable.

Don’t worry -- you can view all of the details of each reaction at any time by clicking the small blue arrow box on the right side of the table. That will bring up all the info in a dedicated popup.



What do you think? Send any and all feedback to us at

Since managing your CSAT data should be as simple and intuitive as possible, we're constantly improving the user interface. These changes are just the first step: we'll be expanding and adding on to this functionality in the coming weeks. Stay tuned for new ways to get more value out of CSAT, with less effort.

To be continued...