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Your Net CSAT Score, Explained

10 Dec 2015

When we launched the new CSAT dashboard, we included a pretty awesome metric: your Net CSAT Score.

What’s a Net CSAT Score?

So glad you asked!

What's a Net CSAT Score?

The Net CSAT Score is a single, standardized number that encapsulates how you're doing from a client satisfaction perspective. Because it represents both positive and negative reaction rates, it's one metric you can effectively manage against.


We get to this number by taking the positive reaction rate and subtracting the negative reaction rate from it.

Percent Positive Reactions - Percent Negative Reactions = Net CSAT Score

Thus, one number that immediately communicates your feedback rates, positive and negative.

Why We Don't Include Neutral Reactions

Neutral reactions are qualitatively different than positive and negative reactions. We've found that incorporating them into the equation doesn't communicate an accurate picture of your overall service delivery. For example, say you have 95 positive reactions and 5 neutral reactions. Your Net CSAT Score in that case should be higher than a company with 95 positive reactions and 5 negative reactions.

Net CSAT Score + Filtering

Not only is this number a way to chart your progress on a daily basis, it’s a handy benchmarking tool. In the CSAT dashboard you can see where your Net CSAT Score stands relative to other CSAT partners.


You can also track how it changes across different boards, resources, companies, and date ranges using the CSAT filtering options. This allows you to monitor when it goes up (or, gulp, down) in relation those criteria.

For example, say you want to see the Net CSAT Score of specific engineers. Simply select the name of the user in the Resources field at the top of the page.

CSAT Score Filtering

Voilà—the Net CSAT Score and other Key Metrics automatically update.

Practical Use Cases

At IT Nation, we were delighted to hear our partners boasting to each other about their Net CSAT Scores. And #humblebrags are just the beginning.

Here are a few other things partners are doing with their scores:

  • Displaying it on a live-updating dashboard in support operation centers
  • Incorporating it into internal and client reports
  • Using it to monitor specific companies, and reaching out if it dips
  • Tracking service engineer performance

Now the question is: what’s YOUR score?


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