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See Your Year in Review with New CSAT Reports

15 Dec 2015

2015 is almost over. Do you know how well you did, from the perspective of your end-users?

You can find out directly in CSAT. Here's how.

Introducing New CSAT Reports

The just-launched CSAT Reports dash filters all of your CSAT reaction data according to category and date range.


Simply enter your specifications at the top of the page. The report table will then immediately populate with your Net CSAT Score, the total number of reactions captured, and a breakout of positive, neutral, and negative responses by number and percentage. You can also click the corresponding table icon to display the results from low to high according to that criteria.

Your Data, Your Reports

  • Show calculations by client from the past year when you choose Company and filter by This Year.
  • Track the performance of your engineers within any timeframe when you filter by Resource and Custom [Date] Range.
  • See a month-by-month overview of the whole year when you choose Month and This Year.
  • Filter by Board and This Month for an overview of all reactions assigned to boards in the past month.



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