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Things You Can Do in 2016 to Be a More Successful MSP

30 Dec 2015

Want to make 2016 your best year yet?

Of course you do -- we all do. That's why we've identified a few of the things top-performing companies are doing to make sure the can effectively grow and scale.

So without further ado, here they are. 

Measure Service Delivery KPIs

When it comes to KPIs, revenue and cost-analysis metrics often get top billing. You probably know all about measuring things like client effective rate (CER) and CapEx Ratios. But what about the non-financial metrics that are just as important?

“What gets measured, gets managed.” Peter Drucker

In order to get a true overview of your business as a whole, you need to be aware of a wide range of performance indicators. MSP Mentor has a great breakdown of important KPIs across different areas, for example.

And high up on that list is service delivery—arguably the most important area in which an MSP needs to succeed.

Make it a goal to start effectively measuring these three service delivery-based KPIs, if you don’t already:

  1. Client Satisfaction
  2. Customer Churn Rate
  3. Engineer Performance

Automate (Almost) Everything

Your first question when presented with a new recurring task should always be, “How can we automate this?”

Sales, marketing, payments, reports—automate it. No excuses.

Here are a few things to start with:

Opportunity Tracking

Lead nurturing is super important. There’s even a National Sales Executive Association survey showing that 10% of sales are closed on the fourth point of contact, and 80% of sales are made on the fifth to twelfth. But lead nurturing is also time-consuming, which is why automating it is essential.

Try: Setting up a process for this in your existing CRM.

Client On-boarding

Creating an automatic on-boarding sequence that gets triggered for new clients not only improves the that client’s experience, it also increases capacity for your team to focus on leads. Remember that stat about lead nurturing? It‘s all connected.

Try: Designing and implementing an on-boarding email campaign.

Quarterly Business Reviews

Reviews are an excellent opportunity for account managers to check in with clients and reassert the value of the service you’re providing. Of course, if your reporting process isn’t automated in a way that makes sense, this gets complicated.

Try: Checking out BrightGauge. Their intuitive platform streamlines the business intelligence process.

Join a Peer Advisory Group

Joining a peer advisory group has a multitude of benefits. Turns out it’s not just the more the merrier, it’s also the more the smarter.

In addition to the obvious things like networking and collaboration, a peer group is also a great resource for learning and growing as a manager. It’s a non-competitive, confidential arena in which you can discuss your internal business trials and tribulations, as well as share successful practices and processes.

Here are a few peer groups to check out:

What other goals do you have for 2016?