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Brad on the BrightGauge Podcast: How to Effectively Prove Your Value in the SaaS Marketplace

12 Jan 2016

First of all, happy 2016 everyone!

Second, there’s familiar voice on the latest episode of the BrightGauge podcast.

Brad joined Eric Dosal for an informative chat about how got its start, what’s it like launching a product in the SaaS marketplace, measuring satisfaction on a transactional level vs. a relationship level, what the most engaged companies are doing with CSAT data, and more.

Listen to the complete conversation here. 

Brad Discusses CSAT, the SaaS Marketplace, and More with BrightGauge

Highlighted Quotes

Factors that decrease response rates:

Any sort of reason you give to the end user to abandon a survey, they’ll take it. For example more questions, making the questions required, making the response scales more complicated.

Using CSAT as a way to spot recurring issues:

Is it a process issue? A communication issue? Is there some training that needs to happen with the staff? There are interesting trends that start coming in with [increased] reactions from clients.

Acquiring data as a way to prove value:

If you look at any website of any MSP, one of the claims we all make is that we provide excellent customer service. So how do you actually show that? How do you demonstrate or prove that fact? [You need] the evidence that backs that up.

Measuring client satisfaction on a transactional basis:

You have to ask the minimum from the customer. A one question survey really supports that, making it a low amount of time and effort the end user has to spend to provide feedback. When you do that, they [provide feedback] consistently and you have a richer data set you can start drawing conclusions from.