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[New Feature Alert] Increase Your Capacity with the CSAT Automation Engine

19 Jan 2016

Something we talk a lot about at SmileBack is how to increase our capacity. That is: how can we do more, without needing more time to do it?

One major answer to that question is automation.

Effectively automating certain processes and workflows means you create space in your workday (or workweek) that wasn’t there before. And that’s when you get to focus on more of what really matters.

Announcing: The New CSAT Automation Engine

Increasing capacity is also part of the thinking behind our powerful new CSAT feature, the Automation Engine.

We want you and your team to be able to easily track and manage your reaction data, without having to spend a lot of time doing it. Now, you can set custom rules to keep your CSAT workflows running smoothly, while you’re running around doing something else.

Automation Rule

Add internal analysis notes to tickets, automatically. Have certain reactions change the service ticket status so it gets flagged for follow-up. Get immediately notified by email when a neutral or negative reaction is captured.

You want your clients to feel heard when they give feedback. The CSAT Automation Engine helps you keep track of what they’re saying, and sets workflows to help you follow-up as quickly as possible.

Automation is the Ultimate Way to Manage Your CSAT Reaction Workflows

Let’s take a closer look.

CSAT Automation allows you to build custom workflow rules that perform an action every time an event, or trigger, takes place within SmileBack.

Here are 3 sample rules that will instantly make your life easier:

1. Add an Internal Analysis Note to a Ticket

Use this rule to have a note added to the corresponding ticket in ConnectWise whenever a new CSAT reaction is captured.


2. Change the Status of a Service Ticket

Here, you can have a specific CSAT reaction type change the status of a service ticket within ConnectWise. For example, a negative reaction can be the trigger that sets the ticket status to Re-Opened.


3. Send an Email Notification About Neutral or Negative Reactions

When it comes to negative reactions, or even neutral reactions, you want to know about them as soon as possible. This rule means you, or your service manager, is notified immediately by email.


Quick Note for Existing Subscribers:

Previously, Email Notifications were available on the CSAT Configuration page. They’ve now been migrated into the Automation Engine, which means you’ll manage those settings via Automation.

You can also use Automation to configure the whether or not a note gets added to the ticket for every reaction, and can control which type of note it is (detail description, internal analysis, or resolution).


What are you waiting for? Go take CSAT Automation out for a spin! You can also find out more about it in the support article on our help desk. Plus, we're always available at hello[at]SmileBack.


Don’t subscribe to CSAT yet? Don’t worry. You can try Automation during your free 14-day evaluation.