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Turn Data into Action Points with Our New ConnectSMART Integration

4 Apr 2016

Do you know what the cornerstone of client retention is?

If you said, "Asking clients what they think," well, we would tend to agree. But that's only part of it.

Reaching out for feedback is indeed an immediate and effective way to engage with your clients. It’s what you do with that information once you have it, however, that proves you’re really listening.

To put it another way, a satisfaction survey is how you relate to clients. Business intelligence is how you’re going to keep them.

Which is why we’re pleased to announce our new integration with ConnectSMART.


Streamline Your Data With ConnectSMART

To start, here's what ConnectSMART does:

Business intelligence. They’ve been at it for nearly a decade, so they know from experience how to parse the information you need from all the information you collect. That means streamlining all the data clutter from across your various business operating systems. That means making your key metrics visible and accessible. (And if you're not quite sure what those key metrics should be, check out their ebook on the 5 Most Critical MSP Metrics.)

ConnectSMART's powerful dashboards and reports are a better way to manage and analyze the information you care about, in real-time, all in one place.


Increasing the Value of Your Data and Dashboards/Reports

The whole point of CSAT’s one-click functionality is that you get great feedback, and more of it. But with great feedback comes great responsibility. Having all that feedback is one thing: leveraging it to create deeper, long-lasting, and more profitable relationships with your clients is what you want to strive for.

Here's what the ConnectSMART SP dashboard can do when you set up the integration with CSAT:

  • Track feedback from a specific contacts or groups of contacts (C-level, etc)
  • Analyze net CSAT score by tech
  • Pull reports by company, resource, or timeframe
  • See an instant overview of where you are from a client satisfaction standpoint


From a technical perspective, ConnectSMART accesses your CSAT dataset through our integration with Dropbox. Once you've authorized Dropbox to download your dataset, you can go ahead and add the SmileBack Integration Pack in the ConnectSMART console. We walk you through it on our dedicated ConnectSMART integration support page.

Maximizing Client Retention with CSAT & ConnectSMART SP

For a limited time, ConnectSMART is offering the SmileBack completely free (a $75/month value). That means all the client satisfaction dashboards and reporting options you want, free with your ConnectSMART subscription. It's basically a steal.