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[Watch] How to Maximize Client Retention with CSAT and ConnectSMART SP

7 Apr 2016

With CSAT, you can find out what your clients think. With ConnectSMART, you can mange and monitor that information to keep them forever.

To learn more about this powerful new integration, watch the webinar featuring ConnectSMART President Daniel K. Martin and's own Brad Benner now:

CSAT Reporting: Maximizing Client Retention


With the ConnectSMART SP dashboard, you get all your key metrics in one place.

For CSAT, that means you can:

  • Track feedback from a specific contact or group of contacts (C-level, etc.)
  • Analyze Net CSAT Score by tech
  • Pull reports by company, resource, or timeframe

Limited-Time Offer from ConnectSMART

Get the SmileBack integration totally free when you sign up for ConnectSMART SP. You save $75 per month and maximize client retention at the same time.