3 easy ways to increase your revenue with SmileBack

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How well do you know your customers?

According to Forrester’s 2018 predictions, superior customer experience will be the primary cause of revenue growth in industries where customers are free to switch business. Still, 25% of companies don’t meet the expectations of their clients, and most of them believe their customer experience is “good enough.”

So how do you win the loyalty of your customers and boost your sales? With SmileBack, it’s easier than you think.

How to increase your revenue with SmileBack

1. Design for the peak-end rule

According to a study by Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman, when we judge our past experiences, we only remember certain details: the peak and the end. Whether good or bad, your customers will always be influenced by an experience that is memorable. This is the peak-end rule, and it is one the most important considerations when it comes to customer satisfaction.

Designing for the peak-end means improving those moments that shape your customer experience, both during the support interaction and after. With SmileBack, you can accurately measure these moments, learn the best way to address them and how to improve upon them in the future.

• ENGAGE with your customers once a problem is solved, and send them the three emojis survey to find out how they felt about their support interaction

• LISTEN to their additional comments to learn what it was they liked about their experience, and what they didn’t

• LEVERAGE the data you collect to anticipate their needs and offer them even more than they expect the next time they engage with your support team

• BRAND your email to leave a lasting impression when you’ve solved their concerns and provided an exceptional customer experience

2. Be more human

Most companies believe they understand their customers. The reality is that most businesses have no idea who their customers are or what they want, because they don’t know how to collect genuine customer feedback.

SmileBack gives you specific data about your clients’ interests, their unresolved pains, and unrealized gains. By leveraging the insights you collect with the SmileBack platform, you can get to know every customer on a personal level and provide an unparalleled customer experience.

3. Be more proactive than your customers expect

The biggest challenge facing customer-centric companies is a lack of understanding about how to use their customer feedback to improve their customer experience.

SmileBack does just that: it allows you to easily collect lots of genuine feedback, analyze it over time, draw meaningful conclusions, and adjust your customer experience accordingly. As a result, you can resolve issues quickly, anticipate your customer needs, and exceed their expectations.

Get to know your customers like never before, and quickly increase your revenue with actionable insights about your customer satisfaction.

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