Big News: is Now SmileBack

As of today, is now SmileBack. We launched a completely new website, reconfigured our help center, and improved the in-app experience of our platform for our users.

These changes reflect the exponential growth we’ve experienced over the past year. We’re confident that this new company name and identity reflects how far we’ve come, and where we’re headed.

Here’s how we got here

SmileBack, and the way it looks, is the culmination of a months-long process. During that time we thought long and hard to identify our core company values, and figure out how we can use those values to improve the product we bring to our clients.

What we figured out is that we value things like putting people first and listening actively. We also value solutions that are easy to use, well-designed, and integrate seamlessly with other systems.

Turns out we were already doing that pretty well with our CSAT solution. That’s why we’ve decided to focus exclusively on turning it into a full-service product: SmileBack.

SmileBack is a client experience platform that lets you actively engage with your clients, listen to their feedback, and use those insights to make sure you’re consistently providing smile-worthy service. It’s used by over 400 companies in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, and that number grows everyday.

Different name, same great platform

The in-app experience for SmileBack is very similar to that of CSAT, with some key improvements. (You can find more specific details about these changes, as well as a side-by-side comparison, in this comprehensive overview on our help center.)

Here’s an overview of what’s new:

Survey Snippets 3.0

1. Multiple Logo Option
The SmileBack survey snippet now supports multiple logos so you can individually brand different comment capture pages.

2. Marketing Permission for Comments
You can now ask your clients for their permission to use positive comments in your public marketing materials, automatically, on the comment capture page. This criteria is also now incorporated into filtering options and the Automation Engine, so you can easily find the comments for which permission has been granted and then put them to use.

New Automation Engine Triggers

You can now set reactions to trigger these new actions:

  • Create a new service ticket in ConnectWise
  • Populate the survey results tab of the service ticket in ConnectWise with the rating captured by SmileBack
  • Set the “Customer has Updated” flag in a ConnectWise when attaching a note to the service ticket

New Filters

You now have the option to filter reactions by two new criteria:

  • Reactions with comments
  • Reactions with permission granted to use comments for marketing

New Resource Formulas

We’ve added additional resource formulas, which means you have more options to connect the feedback captured by SmileBack to members of your team. You can now connect up to four resources to a reaction, and manually adjust your resource list in the app.

Invoice Download Option

You can now download your SmileBack subscription invoices as a PDF.

Zendesk Widget

The Zendesk widget gives you access to help center articles, directly from within the SmileBack app. You can also use this widget to submit a ticket.

Questions? Read the changes overview in our help center, or let us know at

Where we’re headed

We wouldn’t be here without the continued support and enthusiasm of our existing clients. You are all awesome, and we’re excited to see what the next year brings in terms of new features and updates.

Right now the SmileBack team is headed to Orlando for the upcoming HTG Peer Group meetings and IT Nation. If you’ll be attending one or both of these events, come see our new look in person.

HTG Exhibit Hall
Wednesday, Nov. 2nd
12 – 3pm
Booth #214

IT Nation
Wednesday, Nov. 9th – Friday Nov. 11th
Solutions Pavilion Opening Hours
Booth #906