Five reasons to invest in customer satisfaction software

by SmileBack
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No matter what kind of business you work in, you will probably have been told that the customer is always right. But customer satisfaction is more than just a box to be ticked. Instead, it can be the driving force behind growing your business, supporting your employees, and identifying pit-falls before they become chasms.

With so many customer satisfaction solutions available, you might be considering taking the next step and investing in feedback software that works for you. Below, we discuss five reasons why CSAT really is worth the investment.

CSAT helps you stay on top of customer reviews

It’s a nightmare scenario :a customer leaves a restaurant after paying the check, and as soon as she’s home, she’s writing on the company’s Facebook page and complaining about the service. Now a damning review is out there for the world to see, and the restaurant is left playing defense.

It’s easy to think that this scenario is inevitable, but with the right customer satisfaction software, all of this could have been avoided. By investing in CSAT, you are opening up a line of communication with your customers, allowing them to provide you with feedback before displeasure turns into disaster.

By building a strong customer connection, you will not only provide a better service and help create an approachable brand, but also ensure continued customer satisfaction – both behind the scenes, and in public.

Customer feedback encourages customer retention

No business is static for long, and the key to customer retention is being able to develop your business in line with your customer’s needs. By investing in customer feedback, you can stay closely linked to your customer’s changing desires, without the need for guesswork. With the right feedback software, you can improve the customer experience quickly and simply, whilst ensuring that you’re always ahead of the curve.

Customer satisfaction boosts employee morale

They say that customer service can be a thankless job, but with regular reports from your customers, you can track how well your employees are performing, and reward them when they do well. By introducing customer satisfaction scores, your employees will be able to track their progress in real-time, helping to develop the business, and also themselves.

SmileBack customer, Switch MSP, says the whole team is rewarded at the end of the month when they increase their customer satisfaction score.

“We have our weekly meetings where we run through the feedback we’ve received and any issues that come from it,” says Managing Director Tony Shi.

“If we achieve our goal of a 95 Net CSAT Score, everyone on the team receives a $50 gift card.”

With the right customer feedback survey, when you tell your team that they’re doing well, now you can show them the proof. And when employees feel valued, they are motivated to work better, adding value to your business as well.

CSAT helps identify business-critical issues

If you have a great brand, a solid recruitment process, and good company culture, then you’re probably attracting great talent. Your staff know what to look for when it comes to identifying trends and pre-empting problems, but with so many rapidly changing industries, it’s easy to fall behind.

By using CSAT, you can make your customer base of hundreds, thousands, or more, work for you. With every customer satisfaction survey returned, and every smiley face sent, you can tap into an ever-changing network of new voices and new ideas.

Customer feedback and insight can help ensure that you’re always aware of business-critical issues before they cause a crisis.

Customer feedback ensures better branding and marketing

Companies are founded on meeting unmet needs, but if you try to simply tell your customers what they want, your marketing could fall flat. By making the most of your feedback software, you give your customer a voice to tell you what they want, on their own terms. This helps you make sure your unique selling proposition and branding is always on point.

SmileBack offers the only customer feedback system that is focused exclusively on customer feedback and specifically designed for helpdesks and MSPs. By investing in customer satisfaction software, you will be able build a real picture of what customers want, identify where your business can improve, grow your reach, and optimize your marketing.

The difference between business failure and business success, could be as simple as CSAT. 

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