MSPs with the Happiest Customers Do These 3 Things

by Ryan Grant Little
2 min read

Last month, I had the chance to meet some of our customers for the first time after joining SmileBack as Managing Director. I was curious to hear about their own insights into customer satisfaction and what they do with the CSAT feedback they receive. I wrote down quite a list, which this autumn I’ll turn into a best practices document (leave your info here if you want me to email it when it’s ready). In the meantime, though, here are a few good ones:

  1. Make the ask. One SmileBack subscriber started having his agents tell customers at the end of each service call that they will receive an email with a request to rate their service experience. This resulted in a big bump in responses, both because customers felt a greater duty to reply and because they knew to check their closed ticket email.
  1. Talk to your customers. When Simon Kelson, Managing Director of On Line Computing stepped into his new role, something popped out at him: a few of his customers who were giving nothing but positive reviews on tickets weren’t necessarily happy. Funny right? But this happens, since a customer might be thrilled with the help she is receiving on each ticket, but is irked that you don’t offer a broader range of services, or support a certain kind of software or hardware. Nothing beats regular customer check-ins—this was a top priority for Simon. Don’t forget to bring along printout of the customer’s SmileBack report to get the conversation off on the right foot. Bring a printout of your PDF customer satisfaction report to client meetings

Tip: bring a printout of your PDF Client Satisfaction Report (above) to client meetings

  1. Respond to positive feedback too. There’s a temptation to just focus on fixing problems, but how about reaching out to your biggest champions too? One of our SmileBack users sends out Amazon gift cards as a thank you to some of the customers who regularly give positive feedback with constructive, staff-motivating feedback. And his tip? Send it Registered Mail—so the recipient has to sign for it—to the customer’s office so she opens it under the envious glare of colleagues. Then watch as their response rates go up too. 😊

I hope this is helpful. If you ever feel you need some tips on how to get lots more valuable feedback from your customers, you can book some time with our Customer Success maestro or if you’re not a SmileBack subscriber and want to see it in action, arrange a demo.

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