How SmileBack works with Stack Advisors to bring a Net CSAT score of 97

by SmileBack
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“We’ve known the founder of SmileBack, Brad, for many years actually,” says Bill with a smile on his face.

“Years ago, we had a booth next to each other at one of the ConnectWise events and quickly found the best way to endorse this tool for our clients was by using it ourselves.”

And endorsing SmileBack is something Bill Stucklen, CEO of the MSP consulting company Stack Advisors, is still happy to do. With over 950 reviews, a Net CSAT score consistently above 97, and a review response rate of 53%, you can see why.

“SmileBack is a great product,” says Bill. “Our experience has been really positive.”

How SmileBack helps Stack Advisors

Stack Advisors provides services for MSPs using the ConnectWise Business Suite. The team focuses on automation, mentoring, management and consulting for companies without the bandwidth or expertise to get the most out of their investment into the suite.

Eight years down the line and things are going strong.

“We’ve worked with over 300 MSPs. We engage at various levels, but most of our clients engage with us on our monthly management plans and subscribe to our automation tool MSP Toolshed” says Bill.

Bill may be the CEO of Stack Advisors, but as a small company he wears many hats. He is involved in Sales, Marketing and Operations. “I understand the challenges teams at MSPs have every day. Growing your MSP means staying on top of many areas. For us, client retention is key which is why we are focused on service metrics.”

“SmileBack gives our clients the ability to quickly provide feedback on every closed ticket,” says Bill.

“This individual ticket response is easy for the end user, but when you aggregate the responses for that one client or across all clients, it provides validation on the quality of service we strive to deliver. Unlike more detailed or monthly surveys, the clients’ feelings and immediate feedback are captured in the moment and we are able to immediately address any areas of concern.”

SmileBack boosts employee happiness too

A 53% response rate and a Net CSAT score of 97 not only looks great to Stack Advisors’ customers, but has also helped increase employee morale and engagement.

“We primarily work remotely and look for ways for the team to stay engaged. SmileBack’s Slack integration directly posts client responses to a common channel. It’s amazing to see our team add reactions and make positive and humorous comments. This all supports alignment around our client satisfaction goals and has helped the team stay connected and motivated.”

“When it comes to reviewing our individual and overall company performance, we look at the CSAT data. We monitor our Net CSAT score and review response rate which reminds us that everything we do is a team effort, focused on client satisfaction and retention.”

What the future holds

The competition in the MSP space isn’t slowing down. But with services like SmileBack, Bill thinks companies can keep a pulse on service delivery.

“Ultimately, SmileBack is a quick, non-obtrusive way
for our clients to provide feedback on our services.”

“We see the space continuing to evolve. MSPs that innovate will succeed in the future. They must find vendors that truly partner with them to support that innovation. MSPs partner with Stack Advisors to get the most from their tools and processes with our expert automation. Our team is constantly evolving our products and offerings to meet the demands of our MSP clients. SmileBack is a great way to see our efforts working.”

Bill sees SmileBack supporting their efforts at building true partnerships and evolving with their clients.

“Ultimately, SmileBack is a quick, non-obtrusive way for our clients to provide feedback on our services. It is a great product,” says Bill.

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