Introducing the SmileBack + Zapier Integration

by SmileBack
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Get even more value out of your SmileBack data. The new Zapier integration, currently in beta with full functionality, lets you turn each client response into a trigger action in the other apps you use regularly.

Zapier is a highly effective tool for creating an interconnected network between all the apps you use most. It reduces your workload by streamlining your processes, plus it requires zero coding or expertise.

And now you can try it out and see how well it extends the value of SmileBack, and your feedback data, even in it’s early stage.

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SmileBack + Zapier

Zapier lets you build connections between the different services and apps you use daily. It does this via small workflows called Zaps. A Zap is made up of a Trigger from one app that produces an Action in another app.

For example: A new CSAT reaction (Trigger) creates a new row in an existing Google spreadsheet (Action). Zapped!

Use Zapier to Track Your Reactions

The most important thing you can do with your SmileBack reactions is track, organize, and act on them. This will ensure you don’t miss any important client feedback (positive or negative), and that you’re addressing issues as they arise, and before clients cancel.

Here are two important things to know about how this integration works:

  1. Because each reaction has it’s own direct URL, you can link/refer back directly to the reaction itself for reference.
  2. You can decide which kind of reactions triggers an action. For example, if you want only positive reactions to initiate an email or notification, you can set that up.


5 Time-Saving Zaps


You can set SmileBack reactions to trigger actions in any of the other apps on Zapier (and trust us, that’s a lot). To get you started, here are 5 examples of time-saving organization, notification, and reporting tasks you can have completed via a simple Zap:

Add a row in Google sheets

This Zap lets you turn your reactions into data, and store that data in an external place. Once it’s there, you can do deeper analysis and reporting on it, and use it to uncover trends in your overall service delivery.

Send an email using Gmail

When you use this Zap to send specific reactions as an email, it makes it easier to follow up directly from your inbox. From there, you can follow up with a personal message, send a thank you note to a client, or notify your team members about a recorded reaction, or comment. It’s a great way to alert your marketing team to new testimonial material, for example.

Add to Wunderlist

Simplify the task management process with this Zap. By converting a neutral or negative reaction into a task on a list, automatically, you ensure that the right person will see it and follow up in a timely fashion.

Send a Notification with Pushover

When a notification pops up on your phone, you look at it don’t you? With this Zap, you can make sure important reactions don’t get lost in your inbox. Get instant mobile alerts about responses from important clients.  

Send Slack Notification

See incoming reactions in everyone’s favorite office chat client. This Zap also enables you to create a dedicated channel for neutral/negative reactions, so you and your team can effectively track and collaborate on follow up and account management.

Ready to get started?

The more partners we get onboard using SmileBack + Zapier, the more opportunities for new app connection ideas and solutions. Try it out today:

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