‘It’s fantastically simple’: How Somerbys IT reached 3,000 reviews and 98 Net CSAT Score

by SmileBack
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If there is a ‘Heart of England’, Leicester could make a good claim for earning this title.

Located a few hours north of London, and a few hours south of Manchester, the city of Leicester is perfectly placed to do business with the entire country.

But location is only part of the equation. What’s needed next is a great team (check), a dedication to customer service (check), and a commitment to an open, transparent business (check).

Welcome, then, to Somerbys IT – a small MSP serving a range of clients across the UK, from one-person operations to companies with over 100 staff.

“With this spread, it is key that we know exactly how we are doing, and how our clients feel,” says Allan Page, CEO of Somerbys IT.

“SmileBack makes it fantastically simple to do that.”

Now with 3,700 reviews, a 45% review response rate, and a Net CSAT score of 98, Somerbys IT are certainly working well with SmileBack to be the most trusted MSP out there. Here are some of the benefits Somerbys IT have seen along the way.

Capturing essential customer feedback

Since their beginnings in 2000, Somerbys IT have put the customer at the forefront of everything they do.

“We have always focused on excellence in our delivery,” says Allan.

“We have always been confident of our service, but SmileBack gives us a straightforward way to capture the essential customer satisfaction scores
to prove our good service.”

Since using SmileBack, Somerbys IT have seen their review response rates increase from around 10% to an average of 45%.

“We certainly get a higher-than-average response rate when compared to our peers, and compared to other surveys,” says Allan.

“With SmileBack, we get up to the minute feedback on how well we are delivering on our promise of delivering excellent customer service and my team likewise get very quick feedback as to how well specifically they are performing from the client’s perspective.”

Driving healthy team competition (+ a little peer envy)

“Smileback is a great way to not only gain valuable client feedback but also acts as a driver for healthy competition within the team, always striving to be that little bit better and wanting to achieve that little bit more than their colleagues,” says Allan.

Currently, Allan and the team measure overall CSAT scores for the business, alongside different metrics on a client-by-client basis. The team then use the inbuilt reporting function, as well as the BrightGauge integration, to display their data in different ways to different audiences, whether as PDF report or on a screen.

“All of this gives an overview of how we are doing,” says Allan.

“And with the peer leaderboard review [HTG/ITN evolve peer groups] it also helps to drive a bit of healthy competition and certainly draw comparisons with other MSPs.”

The next steps with SmileBack

For Somerbys IT, customer satisfaction scores received through SmileBack have become part of the business.

“We will keep using SmileBack,” says Allan.

“It helps team morale, helps keep customer service standards high, and is easy to use. As we grow, we will probably want more integrations and functionality, and SmileBack will be a key part of our customer satisfaction landscape.”

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