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New Feature: Client Reports [Beta] for Better Account Management

17 Jan 2017

Generate clean, easy-to-read reports that show your clients a visual overview of their feedback data from the past month or quarter, then share them as a hard copy or PDF.  Client Reports, available now in beta, give you a convienent way to share feedback stats with your clients. 

Client-Facing Reports Directly in SmileBack

Put your data where your mouth is. With the new Client Reports [Beta] feature, your account managers can share a simple, visual overview of each client company’s feedback during QBRs and other account-related meetings. Show off how well your service delivery is being rated by company employees.

What’s New

You can generate a custom client report, using all the feedback data you’ve captured for an individual company, in under 5 seconds directly in SmileBack.



Downloadable PDFs

Each report is generated as a PDF, which you can view or download. You can send the file directly to your client, or print it out for presentation in-person.

Single or multiple reports at once

Generate one report at a time, or reports for multiple clients at once. When you generate one individual report, you can view or download it immediately. When you generate multiple, you’ll get a download link for a ZIP file containing all the PDFs.



Logo option for consistent branding

Add your company logo to each report. That way, your client knows immediately who to associate your stand-out service stats with.

Multiple time-frame choices

Choose between current and last month or quarter, or enter a custom range. Save past reports for benchmarking, and prove how you’re listening to and incorporating feedback into your processes.



What’s on Each Report

 Each report shows a variety of metrics that your clients an overview of the kind of feedback their company has recorded over a given period. It's a great way to demonstrate your commitment to service, as well as a jumping-off point for further discussions around CSAT. 



Date Range and Client Name

In addition to any logo that you’ve uploaded before generating, each report lists the client company name and selected date range.

Key Metrics

Just like the Reaction table within SmileBack, your key metrics are listed front and center at the top of the report. This includes net CSAT Score, Response Rate, Total Reactions, and the percent of Positive, Neutral, and Negative reactions, respectively.

Net CSAT Score and Response Rate Graphs

Just below the Key Metrics are two graphs: one plots your Net CSAT Score as a 30-day moving average for the last 12 months, and the other plots your Response Rate according to the same criteria. 

Get Started

You can find Client Reports [Beta] under the Reports tab within SmileBack. Learn more about Client Reports in our Help Center, or generate one right now

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