Orchestra boost response rate to 40% and bring smiles to customer service staff

by SmileBack
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Craft beer and software – perhaps not the first relationship that comes to mind when you think of a software pairing. But every industry needs the right, standardized tools to do their job, to save time and money, and to ease frustration.

And that’s where Orchestra comes in. Founded in 2008, Orchestra provides an industry specific, all-in-one platform to replace the fragmented business tools and systems used by craft beverage manufacturers.

With 48 energized employees – passionately upholding values of honesty, integrity, and customer-centricity – Orchestra have been doing well since the beginning.

But just how well? What do customers like and dislike about their service? And how can employees, particularly in customer service, find more satisfaction in their work?

All these questions can be answered with SmileBack. Here’s how Orchestra and SmileBack work together to put customer satisfaction at the top of the agenda.

What’s changed with SmileBack?

“Authenticity is one of our core values here at Orchestra,” says Sarah Bergeron, Vice President of Delivery at Orchestra.

“For our customers to be able to have a platform to give us that authentic feedback has been hugely valuable. With SmileBack we are able to get feedback right away, and that is not the visibility we have had before.”

Orchestra had been collecting feedback previously, but response rates to review requests were around 10 percent, with only two percent of those containing comments.

“Since working with SmileBack, our response rate is around 40 percent, with around 20 to 30 comments per month with those reviews. It helps to know where we are standing,” says Sarah.

A boost in employee morale

The benefits have gone beyond overall customer satisfaction to simply making employees happier.

“We like to know what we’re doing good, what we’re doing bad, and what we can improve on,” says Ryan Chang, Support Specialist

“SmileBack is integrated well with Zendesk, so it is as simple as one click at the end of the ticket to get that feedback.”

The simplicity and transparency is something the whole team values.

“Ultimately, it helps us see how we did,” says Scott Franklin, Support Technician at Orchestra.

Clients love it too

Thanks to easy client reporting, and a simple to use dashboard, Orchestra can present their customer satisfaction scores to their clients on regular intervals.

“We appreciate that Orchestra want to get this feedback, because they are trying to improve who they are,” says John Harris, Brewmaster at Ecliptic Brewing.

“So it’s really important to click that box and send the feedback.”

It’s this closer customer-business relationship that Orchestra are thankful for. Customer satisfaction is now a team KPI at Orchestra, with customer satisfaction reports sent around the team each quarter.

“Overall, we’re feeling good about ourselves and know where we stand with our customers,” says Sarah. “It’s that simple.”

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