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See Where Your CSAT Stats Rank with the Peer Leaderboard

2 Aug 2016

The best thing you get from a client survey is feedback. Good, honest feedback is interesting, surprising, and maybe even a little scary. Your customers are telling you all kinds of things you may not have known otherwise. It's exciting! But what comes next?

Collecting feedback is only the first step. You need a reliable way to turn that feedback into action items and initiatives that will demonstrate the ROI of your survey system, and improve your day-to-day business. 

One way to figure out where you stand, and where to go from there, is by talking to your peers. 

It's helpful to see what your response rate is compared to MSPs of similar size, for example. Or find out what they've done to increase their Net CSAT Score. 

That's why we've introduced the Peer Leaderboard for CSAT. 

How Does Your Feedback Stack Up?


With the Peer Leaderboard for CSAT, you can share and compare CSAT results with other companies in your peer group. No more filling out spreadsheets or creating PowerPoints to show off your data. 

The Leaderboard automatically pulls and displays your:

  • Net CSAT Score
  • Response Rate
  • Reaction Rates (Positive / Neutral / Negative)

Productive Ways to Compare Rankings

Identify Areas of Improvement

Say you have a high Net CSAT Score but a low response rate. Or maybe you're just curious about where your number of total reactions stands in comparison to other MSPs. Seeing these metrics alongside the metrics of fellow group members will help you gauge where you are, and help you gain insights into how to improve. 

Share Successes

Celebrating your successes. like decreasing negative responses, is just as important as identifying and targeting your failures. By sharing you proven best practices, you're helping other group members reflect on what they could be doing better. 

Learn from Mistakes 

Both your mistakes, and the mistakes of your peers. Maybe you rearranged your Boards in ConnectWise and saw Response Rate take a hit. You can more readily identify where and why something went wrong when you're collecting and analyzing customer feedback data  consistently on group level. 

So Who Has Access to the Leaderboard?

Currently, the Peer Leaderboard is available to HTG Peer Group members. Please note: only the members in  your own individual HTG group can see your CSAT stats once you opt-in.

Want to get access to the Leaderboard for your group? Opt-in now:

Join My Leaderboard

Do you belong to a different peer group that could benefit from the Leaderboard? Let us know at

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