The Power of CSAT+NPS: How SmileBack customer satisfaction metrics keep your finger on the pulse at all times

by Andrew Wallace
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LanDynamix knows customer satisfaction tracking is indispensable to business prosperity. A leading company in the IT Manager Services space, the South African-based firm uses SmileBack’s Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS) software to collect and monitor real-time feedback from their clients, ensuring they know the health of their business relationships at any given time.


“It has made us aware of some red flags – some surprising ones at that. Now we know where we really stand with which client.”

Jeanne Nkuna DOP of LanDynamix
LanDynamix team
LanDynamix team

At LanDynamix a key focus is to provide managed services in the information and communications technology arena. This highly technical, entrepreneurial organization has been supporting the IT structure of growing businesses in an expert manner since 2006, when it was established by the IT specialist Peter Clarke.

Being a customer-focused company is core to LanDynamix’s success; therefore, it’s crucial that’s they’re constantly collecting, analyzing, and actioning feedback. By being a SmileBack customer, they get the added benefit of being able to both know their customer service is excellent and report back on it by using industry-recognized methodologies with built-in benchmarks.

Bringing CX metrics on board

While there are many reasons and methods to measure customer experience (CX), using CSAT and NPS instantly illustrate how you stack up against your industry and your competition. Because they’re widely used and widely recognized, the feedback has more meaning—both for the firm providing the service and for the client using the service.

“Feedback from our customers is an integral part of our business, we’ve always set the benchmark at 97% customer satisfaction across the board,” explains Jeanne.

SmileBack tools have become a simple but effective system for LanDynamix to evidence their ongoing customer service excellence while also being tools from which they can learn and improve.

While CSAT targets a “here and now” reaction to a specific interaction, product or event, it is limited when it comes to measuring a customer’s ongoing relationship with a company. This is why using NPS—to assess the quality of your business and/or service itself—-in conjunction with CSAT provides a much more powerful set of insights.

“The most useful insight we’ve gained since adopting NPS has been visibility into the clients’ mind,” observes Jeanne. “Now we can make improvements and adjustments to our customer service and/or products to suit that particular client.”

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LanDynamix SmileBack Dashboard tracking
LanDynamix Dashboard tracking

Thanks to CX metrics LanDynamix is able to assess the positive results they’ve yielded so far. By always having the most up-to-date information at hand, they have managed to pay increasingly special attention to their (potential) detractors and rebuild those relationships. They now have the opportunity to fix issues before they manifest more broadly and lead to potential client churn.

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“It has brought to the fore for me to never assume everything is fine and everyone thinks you’re
great just because they don’t complain.”

Jeanne Nkuna, DOP of LanDynamix

In addition to identifying issues, NPS can also help identify opportunities. Clients offering a score of 9 or 10 in response to an NPS survey are demonstrating, very directly, that they’re a likely source of referrals and/or recommendations. Furthermore, a high NPS score from a client correlates to increased retention—and that, of course, means a better, bigger, and a longer business relationship.

SmileBack website widget LanDynamix CSAT and NPS scores
Website widget displaying LanDynamix CSAT and NPS scores

Getting an integrated view of your business

With LanDynamix’s strategy of using NPS by targeting the decision-makers and influencers of the company, they are able to understand the feelings of those holding the purse strings around their company and service. Where CSAT serves one purpose, NPS serves another.

“CSAT is open to everyone in the company and there might be a bit of bias here and there,
so the two combined together gives
us a more holistic view.”

Jeanne Nkuna, DOP of LanDynamix

LanDynamix are set to continue improving their customer experience scores, attracting more business, and developing their employees.

“We’re including both sets of stats on our website going forward – this is our way of playing open cards with current and future clients to show that we put our money where our mouth is in terms of services,” Jeanne notes. “We believe transparency is key to our relationship with them.”

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