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[Product Update] Email Analytics

24 Apr 2017

Brad here,
These are the best of times for SmileBack. We’ve taken the last year to reflect on our mission, values and priorities, driven by our commitment to you. To make our vision a reality turning every interaction between service providers and customers into a smile we realized we have to make some tough decisions. But sometimes the most difficult decisions are also the right ones. 
We decided to discontinue support for the product we first launched nearly 4 years ago Email Analytics. Rest assured, this decision will enable us to focus even more on helping MSPs and IT solution providers get quality feedback from their clients, by improving the current experience and adding new features. 
We’ve put together the following schedule to give our Email Analytics subscribers time to transition to another service: 
  • On May 31, we’ll stop charging you for Email Analytics and we’ll also refund any remaining time on your subscription back to your credit card.
  • Starting June 1, you’ll no longer be able to create new email campaigns in Email Analytics, although we’ll still continue to collect response metrics for all campaigns created before this date.
  • On July 31, we’ll put Email Analytics into read-only” mode. This means that we’ll stop collecting response metrics from your campaigns and we’ll also stop sending these metrics into ConnectWise (this includes information such as link clicks and message opens). However, you’ll still be able to access data already collected from previous campaigns.
  • On September 30, we’ll fully retire Email Analytics. From this date on, you’ll no longer be able to access the Email Analytics page nor any of your campaign data within SmileBack. However, users who click on a link in one of your previous email campaigns will continue to be redirected to the destination URL, until December 31, 2017.
If you have any further questions about the discontinuation of Email Analytics, please write our support team at