Remote Connect 2.0: Back to the Future

by Andrew Wallace
4 min read

Remote Connect 2.0: Back to the Future is a fun-filled, content-rich, interactive virtual event for our friends in the MSP community on both sides of the pond, that took place on October 28, 2020. Because we had so much fun, experienced so much warmth and gained so many insights at the initial Remote Connect, we decided to do it all again six months later (visit for an overview and video recordings from our first event).


What a brilliant event SmileBack have put together! This is the second experiment—I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Remote Connect 1.0—this has been a ton of fun. I just wish every event in our industry could be this much fun—with the networking, the chat, and the great speakers. Thank you SmileBack! Hopefully, this will start raising the bar in the entire IT industry.

Richard Tubb The IT Business Growth Expert, Tubblog

This time, we decided to go back to the future, so to speak. The idea was to put aside the hype and hyperbole around workplace changes catalyzed by the coronavirus and get back to basics. We explored the tried-and-true foundations of good business—no radical philosophies, no silver-bullet solutions, no transformative tech platforms. Instead, we’ve offered an in-depth look at leadership, customer experience and airtight operations.

If you joined our awesome online get-together on October 28, you know it was loads of fun! Remote Connect 2.0 featured a keynote by Roger Edwards, 5 amazing sessions from industry leaders and a fireside finale with Richard Tubb and Erik Thorsell. Plus, of course, the return of our favorite magician and mentalist Gary Ferrar and a live graphic harvester Robert Laszlo Kiss! All of that orchestrated by our incredible event MC, Vera Tucci of T-Consulting.

Remote Connect 2.0 - event MC Vera Tucci
Graphics by Robert Laszlo Kiss

Sessions overview

In case you couldn’t make it to Remote Connect 2.0 or want to check out one of the parallel sessions you weren’t a part of, we’ve put together this event roundup for you. 👇 Enjoy!

Keynote | Simple marketing today. Remarkable business growth tomorrow.

Roger Edwards, Roger Edwards Marketing

You want your business to stand out from everyone else. We’ve never had so many marketing tools available but where on earth do you start? And marketing isn’t just about email, Facebook ads or webinars. In this session Roger gives you tips on how to put together a simple marketing strategy, showcasing your offer and how it stands out, allowing you to engage your clients with communications that make them want to work with you.

Remote Connect 2.0 - Keynote by Roger Edwards
Graphics by Robert Laszlo Kiss

The path to effective customer sentiment

Andrew Wallace, SmileBack + Nathan Fullington, ConnectWise

Building a company committed to customer feedback involves a three-stage organizational evolution—from collecting data to unearthing insight to ultimately predicting and influencing client behavior. In a joint presentation, SmileBack’s Andrew Wallace and ConnectWise PSA’s Nathan Fullington provide a vision for your organization’s approach to customer feedback, as well as a set of real-world case studies that include key takeaways and tactics you can instantly act upon within your company.

Take a listen and get inspired by Andrew’s talk delivered to ConnectWise Tech Talk podcast, Episode Technologies that Support a Remote Workforce (Panel).

Remote Connect 2.0 - Session by Nathan Fullington, ConnectWise and Andrew Wallace, SmileBack
Graphics by Robert Laszlo Kiss

Why a modern scheduling solution is critical to both you and your clients

Gerwai Todd, TimeZest

Scheduling tools such as Calendly and Bookings are effective at saving time by eliminating scheduling ping pong. Once scheduling technology is integrated to your help desk platform, several additional benefits emerge for MSPs and your clients. Join Gerwai Todd of TimeZest to learn how you can differentiate your service delivery while saving money, improving service workflows, and providing a modern help desk experience for your clients.

How efficient tech and great CX go hand-in-hand

Richard Tubb of Tubblog; Tim Swainson, Kemp Technologies + Jason Kemsley, Uptime Solutions

One of the often-overlooked cornerstones of a best-in-class customer experience is having a foundation of highly performant, highly efficient technical systems. In this panel discussion hosted by industry expert Richard Tubb, Tim Swainson and Jason Kemsley explore how your technical foundations are critical to delivering quality CX.

Remote Connect 2.0 - Panel discussion with Richard Tubb, Tim Swainson and Jason Kemsley
Graphics by Robert Laszlo Kiss

Organic, M&A or both – 3 options for strategic MSP growth

Daniel Welling, WellingMSP; Andrea Barrow, ConnectWise

Andrea Barrow interviews former MPS owner and salesperson “by trade” Daniel Welling, exploring the opportunities and challenges of growing an MSP through organic business customer acquisition, mergers & acquisitions or both. Topics include understanding the marketplace, getting started with and without explicit budget, as well as many practical tips and shared learnings.

Learn more about Daniel in our interview: Mergers and acquisitions in the MSP space.

Remore Connect 2.9 - Interview with Daniel Welling and Andrea Barrow
Graphics by Robert Laszlo Kiss

Leadership lessons from 200-year old technology

Phylip Morgan, Cynext

Did you know 1820s were possibly the most productive decade for innovation? In that period we developed cement, the electric motor and the lawnmower! In our technology-centric, fast-paced, Covid-disrupted world we can easily fall into thinking that if we’re not embracing all the change, keeping up with our competitors and transforming our work cultures that we’ll be left behind.

Right? Wrong! Whilst there are somethings that will change, dynamic tech entrepreneur Phylip Morgan makes the case that the important things won’t and that we just need to be patient and calculated in our leadership approach. In this talk, he shares three key insights that will help you lead your organization and continue to your path to success.

Remote Connect 2.0 - Lightning Talk by Phylip Morgan
Graphics by Robert Laszlo Kiss

How to lead and manage into accountability

Jamison West, ConnectStrat

There is a common misconception that accountability is just something you hold someone to. In reality, a culture of accountability comes from great leadership and great management. In this session, Jamison shares the 5 key Leadership and 5 key Management abilities that will drive this culture in your organization.

Watch Jamison hosting our webinar on attracting and retaining top talent for MSPs or watch our video interview on how to successfully implement EOS.

Fireside finale | Why are you in business, really?

Richard Tubb, Tubblog + Erik Thorsell, Success Computer Consulting

You probably started your IT Solution Provider or Managed Service Provider (MSP) business because you’re good with technology, and you enjoy helping people. But what about as your business grows? Why are you in business, really?

In this thought-provoking session, industry expert (and former MSP owner) Richard Tubb, and one of his mentors, Erik Thorsell, the owner of Minneapolis-based MSP, Success Computing Consulting, explore the drivers behind the long-term success they’ve experienced in business, and share with the Remote Connect 2.0 audience the lessons they’ve learned about consistency, happiness and longevity in running an MSP business.

Check out Richard’s recent TubbTalk Podcast episode featuring Erik Thorsell: Why Are You Building an MSP Business, Really?

Remote Connect 2.0 - Fireside char with Richard Tubb and Erik Thorsell
Graphics by Robert Laszlo Kiss

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