SmileBack’s new customer feedback features are designed to supercharge your business growth

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At SmileBack, we’re always looking for new ways to improve our customer feedback software. That’s why we’ve recently released two major updates that will help you make the most of your positive customer engagement.

Thanks to our latest improvements, leveraging feedback to improve your business’s top line just got even easier, with our Google Business Reviews update and customizable website widgets, perfect for developing your marketing reach and attracting new customers.

Using customer feedback in your marketing

In today’s increasingly connected world, the customer is king, and all businesses benefit from making the most of the customer feedback they collect via CSAT and NPS. But once you’ve gathered your customer’s responses, what should you do with them?

Customer testimonials aren’t just useful for identifying ways to improve your internal business processes. They’re also an invaluable and inexpensive marketing asset, establishing instant company credibility and helping you to connect with potentially thousands of new customers quickly and easily.

By sharing positive customer testimonials via your marketing channels, you can ensure that your company’s reputation is strong, and increase your customer engagement and retention. Now, with SmileBack, sharing the customer feedback you get via CSAT and NPS is simpler than ever, thanks to our new features that allow your team to leverage testimonials and share your success in multiple ways.

You can learn more about the benefits of using CSAT and NPS metrics on our Content hub.

Use Google reviews to turn customer satisfaction into business growth

By setting up a free account on Google My Business, you can ensure that when someone searches for your business on Google search or Google Maps, they can find you at the top of the rankings. Thanks to our newest update, you can also prompt your customers to post their reviews to your Google My Business listing, where thousands of potential new customers can see it.

SmileBack's new customer feedback features: Google reviews
SmileBack’s Google reviews feature

This feature works for both CSAT and NPS surveys, so once you’ve enabled it, every positive customer response you receive can be shared far and wide, via the world’s most widely used search engine.

Details on enabling this feature can be found in our Help Center.

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Share customer reviews and NPS scores with customisable widgets

As well as leveraging positive customer feedback via Google My Business, our latest update allows you to highlight your strengths on your own website. With SmileBack’s customizable widgets, you can enjoy even more flexibility in how you market yourself to your customers.

Now, you have the option of displaying your NPS or Net CSAT Score in real-time with our simple widget, alongside how many CSAT reviews or NPS responses you’ve received in the last 90 days.

SmileBack's new customer feedback features: simple widgets with NPS or Net CSAT Score
SmileBack’s simple widgets with NPS or Net CSAT Score

Or, you can choose to display the simple widget alongside your best customer reviews as well.

SmileBack's new customer feedback features: Net CSAT Score simple widget + reviews
SmileBack’s Net CSAT Score simple widget + reviews
SmileBack's new customer feedback features: NPS simple widget + reviews
SmileBack’s NPS simple widget + reviews

Finally, with our new super widget, you can choose to display both your CSAT and NPS scores, as well as how many reviews and NPS responses your company has received in the previous 90 days.

SmileBack's new customer feedback features: super widget with both NPS and Net CSAT Score
SmileBack’s super widget with both NPS and Net CSAT Score

By sharing comments from your happy customers, you can demonstrate to potential clients that your company is trusted and valued, giving you an added boost of credibility.

The website widget can be viewed live and in action on our own website.

Details on enabling this feature can be found in our Help Center

Make your CSAT data work for you

With SmileBack’s newest updates, not only can our software help you to collect vital customer insights via CSAT and NPS, but we can also help you to make the most of the data you gather on your business and customer relationships. With these simple marketing tools, you can showcase your customer’s satisfaction, boost engagement with your company, and highlight the strengths of your support team.

Whether your company is local, national, or international, leveraging positive customer feedback is a vital part of increasing brand loyalty, attracting new business, and developing long-lasting relationships.

If you’re ready to take the next step in growing your business, learn more about SmileBack’s newest features by booking a demo and speaking with us today.

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