SmileBack now integrates with Zendesk

by SmileBack
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Do you know how satisfied your clients really are with your service?

SmileBack gives you 10x more feedback and unprecedented insight into your customer experience to help you improve the quality of your service and increase your customer retention. 

Now, it’s available for Zendesk!

SmileBack for Zendesk, allows you and your team to provide an exceptional customer experience with every support interaction. With genuine feedback and extensive reporting capabilities, you can easily identify and address crucial support issues in real-time to keep your customers happy and prevent customer churn.

Sign up now and take your customer service to the next level with SmileBack!

SmileBack meets Zendesk

Zendesk helps you offer your clients the support they need but only SmileBack lets you know how they really feel. With a simple, smiley face widget integrated into every Zendesk support ticket, you get immediate feedback about their support interaction with a single click.

Did you know, 71% of consumers admit to ending a business relationship due to a single negative customer experience? A single negative experience!

Knowing how satisfied your clients are with every support interaction gives you the opportunity to recognize problems with your support cycle and adapt before they get frustrated enough to jump ship.

How to Increase Customer Retention with SmileBack for Zendesk

A good customer experience is critical to a company’s success, but you need genuine feedback to improve it. Combining the customer service strategies of Zendesk with the amount of actionable feedback SmileBack provides, it is easy to prioritize your customer experience and increase your customer retention.

Collect 10x More Feedback with a Single Click

Our simple, smiley face widget appears at the close of every Zendesk support ticket, offering your customers a choice between happy, neutral, and sad. With one click, you have the data you need to take action before it’s too late.


Don’t wait to address issues with your support cycle.

By acting quickly on your negative feedback, you have an immediate opportunity to reduce your customer churn and increase your revenue.

Improve Your Entire Support Cycle

With SmileBack for Zendesk, you can do a lot more than respond to unsatisfied customers. By segmenting client feedback, you get unprecedented insight about your entire Zendesk support cycle and how to improve it.

Segment by time period

  • Uncover common patterns and surprising trends about your customer satisfaction
  • Track and improve your Net CSAT Score over time

Segment by client

  • Identify sudden changes in overall satisfaction and keep tabs on your most valuable accounts
  • Avoid future conflict by understanding how their problem was resolved and creating a solution to prevent it

Segment by support agent

  • Identify those who are outperforming others and create a system of rewards
  • Identify those who are under-performing and help them improve with additional training

Create automated alerts

  • Get notified when you receive negative feedback from the same account
  • Get notified when you receive negative feedback about the same support agent

real-time-data (1)

Even when you know a customer is unsatisfied, it is difficult to address it if you don’t know why.

With the right data, you can quickly resolve your customer complaint and prevent it from happening again.

Reduce Customer Churn (and Increase Profitability)

Resolving negative feedback in real time is the easiest way to prevent customer churn. Using that feedback to improve your support cycle is the best way to build an army of loyal customers who tell their friends, families, and followers how great you are. But what is customer loyalty really worth?

According to recent studies, a 5% increase in customer retention can result in an average profit increase of nearly 40%!

Loyal customers not only spend more, they are much cheaper to acquire. Between the cost of marketing, advertising, and follow up, you are much better off focusing on the customers you already have.

Get started with SmileBack and Zendesk today

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