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Stand Out from the MSP Crowd with the SmileBack Website Widget

6 Sep 2016

You gather feedback from customers for a lot of reasons: to learn, improve, communicate, and listen.

What about using it to attract new customers too?

When you care enough about your clients to ask them consistently and conscientiously what they think about your service, it's a big deal. (You’d be surprised how many companies don’t do it.)

Now with the Website Widget, you can show your prospects that you’re really invested in client experience  -- and have the positive ratings to prove it.


The Website Widget: Keeping You Competitive in a Crowded Marketplace

Share your positive feedback and Net CSAT Score, automatically, right on your website.



The Website Widget is, effectively, a live testimonial generator that you embed on your website. 

It displays your Net CSAT Score (using data from the past 90 days) as well as your total reaction count (if you choose to include it). Plus it automatically updates on a daily basis. 

Let anyone who visits your site, from competitors to prospective clients, see how highly your service is being ranked by your current customers. Our partners at Online Computing (screenshot above) have even added a positive comment feed to complement their score!

And it's simple to set it up.  

How to Get Your Website Widget Up and Running

The Website Widget exists as a customizable HTML snippet that you can access and adjust from within CSAT.



We provide the embeddable code in two different styles:

  1. Bordered Box: This is a defined-edged, standalone version that you can copy and add directly to your website.
  2. Simple: This version allows you to create your own descriptive text, and/or create your own widget border.

You can pick custom colors to match your company branding for both widgets, and you’ll be able to preview what your widget will look like before you embed it.



Head on over to our Helpdesk for detailed instructions on how to customize and add your Website Widget.


See the Website Widget in Action

When you can prove to prospect customers how satisfied your current customers are, you stand out. Here’s how SmileBack partners are already using it:




Support Tree





Most companies say they provide excellent client service. 
With SmileBack, you can prove it.

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