The power of CSAT: Increasing customer response and satisfaction

by Andrew Wallace
2 min read

Thanks to Eyetech Ltd, the European archipelago of Malta has another selling point to add to its famous sand and sunshine. Namely? Software. Since 2002, Eyetech have been providing IT services to clients across Malta, Italy, and North Africa. But there was one area they were uncertain about: just how good was their customer service really?

Their Founder and Managing Director, Patrick Cutajar, says that SmileBack was exactly what they needed to boost their customer feedback, and understand where they needed to improve.

“Since 2014, after we introduced the quality management system ISO9001, one of the metrics we’ve been tracking is the quality of service offered by each IT engineer,” he says.

“We’d set up a short survey to ask for feedback on how our IT engineers were doing, but the response rate was very low. I recall it being around 2%.”

With such a low customer response rate, it was impossible for the company to get a clear picture of the standard of customer service they offered.

“We couldn’t tell what we were doing well or what needed improving, in a standardized, objective way,” says Patrick.

But after hearing about SmileBack at a ConnectWise conference in London, Patrick vowed to make changes to how Eyetech measured customer satisfaction.

“After we implemented SmileBack,
we noticed results within one week.”

Patrick Cutajar, Founder and Managing Director Eyetech Ltd

“After we implemented SmileBack, we noticed results within one week. I am not kidding, the response rate shot up from 2% to 25%,” he says.

“We wondered if this could continue, but now, six months later, we are still seeing response rates above 20%. We are really happy with it.”

Customer feedback boosts customer satisfaction

Since implementing SmileBack, Eyetech have collected a respectable 277 reviews.

With this continuous stream of customer feedback, the KPIs measured at the company now include their overall customer satisfaction score, and how many tickets have been solved by engineers.

Not only are these statistics used around the office, but they are also shown in reports to potential customers, as proof of how much they value customer satisfaction.

There are also plans to bring SmileBack data into employee appraisals further down the line.

“Right now, we do not have any real conclusions on how employee morale has been affected, but we are considering putting some of the customer satisfaction data into the employee appraisal process.

“We’ll let you know how it goes!” He laughs.

SmileBack gets a green smiley

But so far, according to Patrick, it’s all going well.

“SmileBack is easy to use, simple to navigate, and easy to present to different teams and clients. It’s this simplicity that keeps us on board,” he says.

And with SmileBack on their side, Eyetech are set to keep on improving their customer satisfaction scores, attracting more business, and developing their employees.

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