The CSAT Files: Partner-Proven Ways to Get More Responses than Ever

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Once you’ve pasted the customer satisfaction survey survey snippet into your closed ticket status notification, you might think, “My work here is done! Now the client ratings and comments are going to start rolling in.”

Sure, you’ll get responses to your customer satisfaction survey. But the whole point of implementing CSAT is to get more feedback from your clients than you dreamed possible. And to achieve that, there are a few more steps to take.
You should adjust the the content of the notification email to be short and direct, for example. Also, you should make an announcement to your clients about the awesome new feedback initiative you’re starting. And how about getting team involved in to spread the word and encourage responses.

Here’s a guide to the three main areas in which you can be proactive, to make sure you capture as much client data as possible.

Tailor Your Email

Make sure the email that contains your customer satisfaction survey is actually being seen by your clients. And make sure that their ability to give feedback is free from any roadblocks.

Here are 6 tips for making your survey email effective, deliverable, and engagement-worthy:

Reduce Message Content

The less extra content the message contains, the more the smiley faces will stand out. Don’t include any non-essential information; your clients only need to know which ticket the survey is referring to, so the ticket number and summary should cover it.

Put the Survey at the Top

When you position the smileys as close to the top of the email as possible, it increases the likelihood that the recipient will see them and click on one. Plus, it also means that they will appear in the email preview panes for most email clients.

CSAT Survey Email

Use a Responsive Email Template

A responsive HTML email template will ensure that when recipients open the email on a smartphone or tablet, they’ll still be able to view the entire email and, most importantly, click on a smiley. Responsiveness impacts response rates. If an email isn’t responsive, and therefore difficult to read or interact with, the recipient will likely delete it.

The reaction capture and comment page, which is where recipients are directed after they click a smiley, is also responsive and designed with a mobile experience in mind.

Adjust the Subject Line

If you’re repurposing one of your existing email notification templates to include the survey, make sure you adjust the subject line.

This is for two reasons: first, if your clients have set up automatic inbox rules that move these notifications to sub-folders, or delete them straight out, changing the subject line will help get them back into the inbox. Second, a less technical and more personable subject line will increase open rates (bonus points if you tailor this to include the contact’s first name).

Set Up Automatic Sends

In order to make sure that you’re getting the results that will most accurately reflect your clients’ experience, set up your survey to send automatically for all client-facing work you want to measure. Essentially, no one person should be deciding which tickets get the survey and which don’t. That’s because, in some cases, they may not include the survey if they’re worried about getting negative feedback: and that will skew your results overall.

Make an Announcement

What’s the best way to make sure your clients notice and respond to your customer satisfaction survey? Tell them about it! By alerting end-users to the fact that it will be appearing in their closed ticket notifications, and affirming the fact that it’s there because you care about their opinion, you’re setting yourself up for success.

Here’s a sample announcement email we’ve written, but feel free to personalize your own:

[Subject Line Options]Introducing our new Smiley Survey
Tell us what you think
We want to know what you think

Dear [contactfirstname],

The quality of your experience with us is very important, and we take your opinion seriously. That’s why we’ve implemented a super simple feedback survey.

Now, in the email ticket notification letting you know we’ve completed your request, there will be three smiley faces. Simply click on one of them (green, yellow, or red) to let us know how we did.
You’ll also have the chance to leave a comment, if you want. It only takes a second!

This will go a long way towards helping us help you better, and making sure we’re constantly improving our service.

Thanks for your participation,
Company Name

Involve Your Team

Your best resource for encouraging clients to click on a smiley is your support engineers. They have the most contact with the end-user during the process, and are also the ones who stand to benefit a lot from directed client feedback.

Ask Engineers to Point Them Out

The engineer handling the support request has the most contact with the end-user, so they’re a great resource for regularly reminding clients to take the survey. This can be as simple as including a note in the last ticket they send, or it can be a verbal reminder if the request is being handled by phone.

It’s also a good way to confirm that the issue has actually been resolved, since the client now has the option to submit feedback right away if there’s still a problem.

Design a Bonus Program

Who doesn’t love a little healthy competition?

Use this feedback data to target the specific areas in which you want your engineers to excel. For example, if increasing response rates is your top priority, you should give a weekly or monthly reward to the engineer with the highest response rate (you can easily filter for these results in our Reaction Management tab).

You can also rank positive reactions or highest Net CSAT Score by engineer to decide the winner.

When it comes down to it, CSAT is a tool. And tools are only effective when you wield them correctly. Try out one, two, or more of these suggestions to see what works best for your system and your clients.

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