Webinar: Reporting on customer feedback with SmileBack

by Andrew Wallace
1 min read

Thank you for joining us in our Reporting on customer feedback with SmileBack webinar on February 17, 2022!

In this webinar, we present you SmileBack’s latest update on reports. With SmileBack now you can create detailed reporting and dashboards to keep on top of your CSAT and NPS data, drill down by client, agent, and customer segments.

In this webinar we learnt:

  • How to create a new report from scratch
  • How to use these reports for better quarterly business reviews
  • How to utilize this data to improve your customer experience

You couldn’t attend the webinar? That’s not a problem, we got your back. You can watch the webinar On Demand.

If you would like to book a follow-up call with our team for implementation support and further consultation, you can schedule it here.

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