Zendesk’s insights on customer experience trends in 2020

by SmileBack
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We were thrilled to see that CSAT featured so prominently in Zendesk’s customer experience trends 2020 report. It seems that companies are getting the memo that customer experience is increasing in importance: only price narrowly outpaced customer service as a factor of brand loyalty.

Zendesk analyzed a sample of 1,000 service agents, 300 CX managers, 300 sales leaders, and 3,000 customers across 9 countries and pulled anonymous benchmark data from 16 billion tickets across 45,000 companies to produce the report.

Some findings we found interesting:

Customers are becoming more demanding and are comparing each customer experience to the best customer experience they’ve ever had (no pressure!)

Customers don’t want to repeat themselves and expect that your company’s departments are sharing information so that they don’t have to. The customer experience needs to be seamless across the whole company, which means you might have some work to do to knock down those silos.

Bad customer service is… long hold/wait times, automated systems where real people are hard to get to, and having to repeat information multiple times, in that order. One-third of customers will leave you after one bad experience, while four out of five will leave after multiple bad experiences.

Zendesk confirmed our suspicions that B2B and B2E (i.e. internal) are happier customers than B2C, where customers’ expectations are higher and ticket volume is 5x higher. Here’s a handy matrix to see what this looks like in North America, where the blended average CSAT was 92%.

Customer satesfaction in North America CSAT rating B2C B2B B2E SMB Midmarket Enterprise

If there weren’t enough already, here’s another reason to work hard to retain your support agents: their CSAT rating gets better over time. Just look at this curve:

Agent CSAT versus Agent tenure - Agents are rated higher for each year they stick around the same team

Zendesk made some recommendations for best practices if you want to make your company more customer-centric in 2020. They are:

Think omnichannel but single thread. Your customers want to be able to reach you using the same tools they use to keep in touch with colleagues and friends. But they also want you to have all their information in once place so they don’t have to repeat themselves.

High performing support teams invest in self-service

Make self-service easy. An increasing number of customers want you to provide them the tools to solve their issues on their own: think help centers.

Make CX an executive function. Companies started in the last 5 years are 63% more likely to have a Chief Customer Officer than companies started before that. (SmileBack has a whitepaper about how to become more customer-centric).

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