The power of CSAT: Using customer feedback to stand out from the crowd

by Andrew Wallace
1 min read

The MSP world is full of talent, simple solutions, and incredible products. But at StripeOLT, they are placing customer service at the forefront of their business, and they’re already seeing a whole host of positive improvements.

“Simply put, you need to offer friendly, helpful customer service at all times,” says Andy Fergusson, Delivery Manager at StripeOLT.

“We pride ourselves on the service we provide, and SmileBack is a representation of how we deliver. Being open and transparent like this helps us stand out from all the very capable competition, and helps us to create better bonds with the people we work with.”

Prioritizing customer feedback

Since joining SmileBack, the team at StripeOLT have reached a 98.4 overall Net CSAT Score, on 430 reviews collected in the space of just one year. Their review response rate also increased from 25 percent to a stunning 53 percent – with zero negative reviews.

As the image shows (with 2017 on the left, and 2018 on the right), there has been a vast improvement year-on-year, and now the team can boast zero negative experiences.

Two members of the StripeOLT team, Andy Fergusson and Tom Robbins, sat down to share their story with us, discuss how their experience with SmileBack is shaping their business, and talk about their future aims.

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